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Perceived inaction makes the HMRC hard to deal with in bids for tax refunds

October 27, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

The HMRC does not enjoy a fabulous reputation for customer service. This is largely down to the fact that a single organisation obviously deals with the tax issues of the entire population of the UK. This is a tall order, but something the HMRC ought to be equipped to deal with.

Unfortunately, the organisation often struggles to manage the sheer volume of inquiries that come flooding in day after day. Dealing with the a specific department by telephone or by post is usually very time consuming and if you are waiting on a tax rebate you can start feel very unsatisfied with the apparent inaction – even if your case is very much in the process of being looked into.

The simple fact of the matter is that reclamation agencies have the expertise and experience required to talk to the right people quickly. This means they can usually process claims for overpayments much quicker, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your entitlement for a tax refund.

These refunds take the form of tax rebates generated by the HMRC and they are naturally very welcome after a frustrating period of time dealing unsuccessfully with the powers that be.

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