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The recent tax news may inspire you to examine your own tax payments

October 31, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

The HMRC has been in the news quite a lot recently. If you’ve read about the large scale changes the organisation has recently made regarding its computer system then you’ll no doubt be aware of the millions of people who are in line for tax rebates in the coming months. Others have been calculated to have underpaid on tax and this is something that will be collected from them over time.

However, the news in general may have lit a spark of interest in you or sewn the seed of doubt in terms of the tax you have paid in the last few years yourself. The change to the new system has not been completely flawless in identifying individual cases of overpayment so it may be worth chasing things up yourself.

You can involve a tax claims agency to help you in your mission. Tax claims agencies deal with these matters professionally so they know just what needs to be done to get the HMRC to look more closely at the evidence connected with your national insurance number in order to work out whether you are entitled to a tidy sum of money in the shape of a refund.

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