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December 1, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Tax is something that affects everyone in work but it is also something that retains a sense of obscurity. This obscurity comes from the fact that many people don’t have enough confidence in their ability when it comes to maths to look more closely at tax. Neither do they have confidence in their ability to look into legal matters associated with how much tax they are supposed to be paying.

This obscurity is something that gets in the way when people are not sure that they have paid the correct amount of tax for a given year and it stops them from challenging the HMRC when their instincts tell them that they should. In reality, it is worth listening to your instincts in this situation even if you don’t know how to work out how much you have overpaid by.

That calculation is not necessarily up to you. If you contact a claims agency then they will get in touch with the HMRC to discuss your claim and your concerns. The HMRC will then re-evaluate your payments and pinpoint the error. This will enable them to calculate how much they owe you and your money will be restored.

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