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Keep an eye out for hidden problems with your tax code

December 26, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

It is fairly easy to imagine how getting taxed too much could have significant consequences for you. When you plan your budget for every month very tightly in order to keep up with all the bills you have to pay and all the things you need to set money aside for, unexpected stoppages obviously take their toll.

Unexpected one-off stoppages are rare. If there is no real reason for them and you get paid in the same way every month then you are unlikely to experience one unless an error is made when the payroll is completed at your place of work or by the firm in charge of your finances.

However, you still need to be vigilant because it is not only one-off issues that can cause problems. Sometimes mistakes are long-running. They are not flagged up so clearly because they are down to an error regarding the very tax code applied to your earnings.

Always check to see how much you should be earning and how much you should be being taxed. Long-running mistakes can sap funds from your wages that oughtn’t to be removed and these can be recovered with tax rebates.

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