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Tax rebates – upholding the fairness of the tax system (Part 1)

December 27, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Tax contributions are obviously necessary to keep the country working in the proper manner. The one thing that everyone in the country expects is that the tax they fair represents a fair amount of their earnings. Fairness is the crucial factor when it comes to taxation because people should never have to contribute more than they can afford.

This is why there is a system of tax codes in place. Tax codes relate not just to the amount of money a person earns, but also to their circumstances outside of work. Different factors that impact on a person’s earning power alter their tax code. This helps to preserve the central theme of fairness with taxation.

For all that, there are occasions when people do pay more tax than they are meant to pay. This is a troublesome issue because it renders the payments unfair and if the mistakes run on for long enough, people find that they cannot cope.

Contributing more than you are supposed to be contributing is a situation that can leave you really stressed out, but there is something you can do about. This will be discussed in the second part of this post.

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