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Tax rebates – upholding the fairness of the tax system (Part 2)

December 28, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

The first part of this post introduced the idea of fairness in the way everyone in the UK is taxed. The entire concept of taxation is built upon the notion of fairness and this something that you can go into in great detail, although for now we are dealing with what happens when that fairness is compromised by tax mistakes that see you paying over the odds.

You can claim tax back. This is something you need to have clearly in your mind. There is no situation where the tax you have paid is set in stone when you have been subject to errors, unless the errors pertain to a period of time that is too long past to examine in more detail.

If you have paid too much tax at any stage in the last six years then you are in luck. Claims agencies exist with the power and the expertise to get in touch with the HMRC and recover the money that you have paid to restore fairness to the system and to correct any mistakes if there are still on-going.

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