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Examine your pay slips and talk to professionals about tax refunds

January 26, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

It is possible to figure out whether you are being taxed correctly by looking at your pay slips. You can first of all work out whether your tax code is correct by jotting it down and then doing a search on the internet to find out just what that tax code entails. If it does not sound right then you need to take matters further.

Sometimes your overpayments have nothing to do with your tax code so do not end your bid for a tax rebate at this point. You do need to check whether the right things have been taken into account according to your changing circumstances. This is a little more difficult. However, with the help of a tax calculator you should be able to make some headway.

For a clearer idea of the tax issues at play and whether they have left you out of pocket as you suspect, you need to speak to the professionals. This means talking to tax rebate services about the calculations you have done and the things you think may have been missed in calculating the amount of tax you pay.

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