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Clarifying what tax rebates are all about

April 27, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

It is important that you are aware of what tax rebates are and how they may apply in your case. The fact is that if you are working you will be contributing a certain amount of tax to the HMRC every month. The amount of tax that you pay is worked out by the HMRC and although the organisation is usually correct in its calculations, there are things that can go wrong.

The term tax rebate actually refers to a kind of tax refund. Tax refunds are only available to people who have for some reason or other paid too much tax to the HMRC at any given time. These refunds are sometimes generated automatically and they are sometimes generated as a result of an investigation.

In other circumstances, tax rebates are not generated at all when in fact they do apply. This is why it is worth keeping an eye on the amount of tax you pay and making sure that it is always correct. You would not want to miss out on a tax refund of any kind if it turned that you were eligible to make a claim.

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