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Correcting the ill-effects of emergency tax

May 27, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Emergency tax is the sort of thing that really affects people. Emergency tax can be applied to your earnings because of all sorts of reasons, but there is every chance that you will not be aware of those reasons if an emergency tax code is applied in error. Poor communication can lead to an emergency tax code being put on your earnings for a particular position.

Emergency tax is always indicated by an emergency tax code. If you see a tax code that you are not expecting on your wage slip and you notice that you have been charged an amount of tax that seems excessive then you are well within your rights to chase the matter up. Your instincts and the evidence you have in front of you are likely to be correct.

To remove any doubt from the situation it may be worth getting some professional backing in the shape of a tax agency that deals with tax claims and refunds every day. This just ensures you go about claiming in the right way and that is the most important thing in terms of sorting things out fast.

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