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HMRC correspondence is best handled by professionals

May 28, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Nowadays it can seem a little old hat to conduct your only correspondence via post. Letters do not really represent the fastest way of communicating with people especially when you want something done quickly and transparently. There is always a delay involved when you use such a conventional method of communication and this is not likely to be something that sits well with you if you are addressing an urgent matter.

However, this is precisely how the Inland Revenue operates when it comes to tax rebates. Tax rebates are usually required as a matter of urgency because those affected by them are left out of pocket and they want to get the money they deserve in a refund as quickly as they can.

The way the HMRC conducts its business often serves to slow things down because it is post on an arguably out-dated postal policy. However, tax agencies do exist and they can help to speed the affair up so that their clients receive their refunds more quickly. These tax agencies keep you informed about your claim and handle all correspondence.

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