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Legitimacy is all you need from your tax refund claim

May 29, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

It is not necessarily your job to know exactly what makes the perfect claim for a tax refund. At the heart of matters is one very simple fact. If your claim is legitimate then you will get your tax refund. It is not a question of having to convince anyone. The money you have been overcharged by is your money and it should be in your bank account rather than in the coffers of the Inland Revenue.

What is tricky is working out what to actually do about an overpayment when you have noticed it. Noticing one in the first place is not easy, but your tax documents ought to clarify things. Tax claims agencies often provide calculators that work out the numbers on your behalf very simply as a means of making the maths easier.

These agencies are also good people to put in charge of your claim, because although the HMRC does not want you to have overpaid, they do need the right information to generate a refund. They have evidence of their own, but a letter from a tax agency is often required to draw attention to any errors behind your tax problem.

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