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When you fall foul of automatic tax formulae

May 31, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

People who have other commitments in their lives often work at different levels of intensity during the year. For instance, those studying for a degree might work intensely throughout the summer and over the Christmas and Easter holidays in order to fund periods of very light activity in terms of work during university semesters. This approach is handy because it allows you to plan work around your life if you can.

One negative issue that comes from taking this particular approach to your working life is that you may find you are taxed more than you should be when you put in the intense periods of work. Those intense periods may not make up for the fact that at other times in the year you are barely earning and consequently the tax you are charged may be over the top.

In some cases, the tax ought not to apply at all. Unfortunately, the formulae that the Inland Revenue rely on do their jobs automatically. However, setting this issue right is not terribly difficult. Speaking to a tax agency with your tax documents as proof is all it takes to begin the process.

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