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Honest working people rely on efficiently collected taxes

June 27, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

If you are an honest working person then you will pay exactly the right amount of tax every month. Either your payroll department will work the numbers out for you if you are on a salary or you will do the working out yourself if you are self-employed. It is only naturally that you should expect the same level of honesty and efficiency from the people at the other end.

The Inland Revenue does its best to uphold standards and provide a simple and honest service in terms of tax calculation and collection that falls in line with the current laws and rules on taxation. However, that does not mean that issues don’t pop up from time to time when honest working people are charged over the odds and they not actually realise it at first.

This is why a bit of digging is a good idea even if you don’t really have any reason to suspect the Inland Revenue of a mistake in your case. You may still find one and then it is a matter of restoring the proper balance by organising to claim tax back.

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