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Transparency contributes to a fair relationship with the tax man

June 30, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Tax is obviously necessary to keep the country going, but there is no justifiable reason why you should put up with paying more tax than is appropriate for your circumstances. That is why you need to be completely transparent about your working circumstances and your personal circumstances when you correspond with the HMRC. If you leave things out then you may not get the sort of tax code that reflects your position and hence you could lose cash.

Of course, it is not always transparency that is the issue. Sometimes people pay too much tax because they are given a tax code that is completely wrong because they just don’t have the right information or there has been an administrative error or communication breakdown. Whatever the fracture, it needs to be corrected to make sure you contribute the proper amount given your place within the tax framework.

To claim tax back and to get advice about tax refunds and so on, you need to be in touch with people who specialise in tax. Tax agencies are available to speak to about all sorts of problems that leave you paying over the odds each month.

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