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Unfair stoppages can be claimed back

June 26, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

When you work really hard to earn a living it can be a real kick in the teeth to find that your wages are not what you were expecting. This can happen because you have been given the wrong tax code or because the Inland Revenue has taken more stoppages from your wages than they should have done. This is not something they do maliciously, but it is something that has a negative effect on you.

You can sort it out relatively easily. If you suspect that your wages are subject to more stoppages than is fair or necessary then you can actually calculate what you should be paying and come up with a figure that shows what the Inland Revenue actually owes you. Tax claims agencies do this for countless clients.

This figure is something you can take to the Inland Revenue. They will conduct their own investigations and come up with their own figure and all being well the figures will match. The Inland Revenue does not take long over generating tax rebates once it has investigated the situation so there is every reason to act straight away.

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