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The tax system can be very forgiving in the event of mistakes

July 26, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Your relationship with the tax man may be at an all-time low because you have just found out that too much money has been taken out of your wages in the way of stoppages in the last year or two. This may be the result of errors within the tax database or it may be down to a problem in communication between you, your employer, the tax man and anyone else involved in the chain of events that leads to your getting paid.

Even if you are at fault for failing to supply some information, the tax system can be very forgiving in the sense that money can be recovered if it is owed. The trick is to start corresponding with the tax man as soon as you know that your tax payments for a given period of time do not add up correctly.

This is something you can do through a tax agency if you prefer to have someone else manage your claim for a tax rebate – someone with greater knowledge of how tax refunds are generated, what information is required to generate them and so on.

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