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HMRC publishes gallery of tax evaders, fugitives and fraudsters

August 29, 2012
Posted in Fraud — Written by Jennifer

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has recently published a gallery of photographs of people the department considers to be the most wanted tax evaders, fugitives and frauds in the UK.

The gallery features 20 people who HMRC officials believe are collectively responsible for more than £765 million of tax fraud and evasion. Amongst the crimes allegedly committed by these individuals are money laundering, smuggling and fraud. Although the department knows who they are, it is believed that most of those featured in the photographs are living outside the UK.

This is the first time such a gallery has been published online, but the HMRC is hoping that members of the public will recognise the people in the photographs and report them, so that tax officials can track them down and bring them to justice. The publishing of the gallery forms part of a campaign to track down on tax evasion, which is especially important in a time of austerity.

Exchequer secretary David Gauke said:

“The government is absolutely committed to tackling tax evasion and fraud,”

“These criminals have collectively cost the taxpayer over £765m and HMRC will pursue them relentlessly.

“We hope that publishing their pictures in this way will enable members of the public to contribute to the effort to catch them.”

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