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Tax basics for casual and part-time workers

August 30, 2012
Posted in Income Tax — Written by Chris

The rules relating to tax are different for people who work on a temporary, casual or part-time basis, compared to those in full-time employment. If you are in a part-time or temporary job, you need to know how your tax is calculated as well as what you can expect from your employer.

Your employer’s responsibilities

Anyone who is in a part-time, temporary or casual job can expect their employer to:

• Give their employees payslips detailing pay, tax and National Insurance information
• Deduct tax, National Insurance and student loan repayments (if applicable) from employee’s wages
• Give employees a P60 tax summary at the end of the tax year
• Give employees a P45 form when they leave employment

Cash in hand pay

If your employer offers to pay your wages by giving you cash in hand, without deducting any tax or National Insurance contributions, you should not accept it. You could lose your employment rights, along with benefits such as sick pay, maternity leave and Jobseeker’s Allowance, if you accept cash in hand for your wages.

This method of payment is illegal, and employers who use it should be reported to HMRC.

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