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How wearing a uniform to work could get you a tax rebate

September 25, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Millions of people in the UK wear some kind of uniform to work. However, most don’t realise that by simply being required by their employer to wear a uniform, they may be entitled to claim a special kind of tax rebate.

The tax rebate you can claim if you wear a uniform for your job is designed to reimburse you for the costs of laundering it. Some people, especially those that do shift work, end up washing their work uniform virtually every day. If you aren’t provided with more than a couple of uniforms to wear throughout the week, the costs of keeping a clean uniform handy can start to mount.

This is why HMRC has decided to reimburse people for the costs of washing work uniforms, in the form of tax rebates.

You may be eligible to claim these kinds of tax refunds if:

• You aren’t provided with laundry tokens or another form of reimbursement by your employer
• Your employer doesn’t take responsibility for the washing of staff uniforms
• There are free laundry services you can use at your workplace

Even if you are only required to wear a monogrammed shirt or just a branded cap to work, you may still be able to claim a tax refund.

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