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£25m tax scam perpetrator tracked down in Cyprus

October 30, 2012
Posted in Fraud — Written by Geoffrey

According to a report from Sky News, a man who was convicted of a £25m tax fraud but managed to escape an eight-year jail term has been found in Northern Cyprus.

Back in 2010, 39-year-old Timur Mehmet and 20 others were convicted of at Nottingham Crown Court of a crime known as carousel fraud. This involved re-selling goods several times and then making multiple value-added tax rebate claims, which they then failed to pass on to HMRC.

However, rather than serving an eight-year jail sentence in the UK, Mr Mehmet was understood to have skipped bail and left the country.

Sky News has now reported that Mr Mehmet is living in Northern Cyprus whilst on the run from British authorities. Cyprus apparently has no extradition treaty with Britain, so Mr Mehmet believed he could not be sent back to the UK to face his prison sentence.

The news broadcaster said that when he was confronted with his own Most Wanted poster, Mr Mehmet said:

“I am trying to do a deal to return to the UK. People who think I should be serving my sentence will get their wish very soon.”

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