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Being uncertain about tax is reason enough to chase up a rebate

March 31, 2013
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

If you are not quite sure whether you are owed some tax or not, you shouldn’t worry too much about the situation. Simply having your doubts is enough motivation to help you get in touch with the HMRC or better yet to get in touch with a specialist agency that deals with tax rebate claims because they will be able to assess the status of your claim before taking over and submitting it directly to the HMRC.

It is always better to act on your suspicions than to leave the situation to stagnate. The fact is that the HMRC may take a long time to catch up with you in their own calculations – they’re assessing the tax situations of an entire nation whereas you’re only looking at the figures that relate specifically to you.

By ignoring the situation or putting off, you may be doing yourself even greater harm because the fact that the HMRC have taken more tax off you then you believe you should be contributing may point to an underlying issue or a piece of misinformation that needs setting right.

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