Tools / Mechanics Tax Rebate Service

  • Have you bought tools or equipment that you need to carry out your job?


  • Have you worked as a mechanic in the last 4 years?

If you have not been fully reimbursed by your employer for any equipment you have paid for then we can secure you a tools or mechanics tax rebate going back as long as you have been buying tools.

We will need receipts for the equipment that you have bought. Your supplier e.g. Mac Tools, Snap On or Concept Tools should be able to provide you with a print out going back a few years.

If you prefer, we can deal with your tool rep to get the receipts.

Our fee for this service is 25%+vat of any rebate. We work on a No Win No Fee basis.

To download the claim forms click here.

To contact us and request forms be sent via post click here.

Try our free Tools Tax Rebate Calculator to see how much you may be due as a tax refund.

Can I Claim?

Read our FAQ for more information on who is eligible to claim